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A Miraculous Prophecy of Israel’s Future by Moses in Torah, Deut.30

Israel’s Future Prophesied by Moses in Torah, Deuteronomy 30

Moses, the prophet and leader of Israel, made a fascinating prophecy concerning the current(2024) situation of the nation of Israel. Approximately 3500 years ago, at the end of his life, He made numerous statements and challenges to the young nation of Israel, prior to their entering into the Promised Land.

This particular prophecy can be found in Deuteronomy 30. In verses 1 through 10, Moses outlines a series of significant events that would take place in Israel’s distant future. Not only that, but he sets down these events in the sequence in which they would happen.

Now, in our time, we have seen, are seeing, and will soon see, the predicted events take place. Here are the prophesied events, their sequence, with the approximate dates of their completion in history.

Make special note of the most notable event in verse 6, when Israel will experience a “spiritual rebirth” at the Hand of God, a New Circumcision of their Heart.

The Prophesied Events in Deut 30:

Verse 1: The Nation of Israel will have been driven into the nations by the Lord God.

            70 AD to 1800 AD

Verse 2: From their scattered locations, the people of Israel would seek the Lord God and obey His voice.

            ???AD to 1800AD

Verse 3,4: In response, the Lord God would bring Israel back from captivity, have compassion, and gather Israel from the nations,

            1800AD to 1948AD

Verse 5: Then the Lord God would bring Israel to the land which the fathers possessed and Israel would possess it.


Verse 5: The Lord God will then prosper Israel and multiply them more than their fathers.

            1948AD to Present

Verse 6: Then the Lord God will circumcise the hearts of Israel and their descendants so that they love the Lord God with all their heart and soul, so that they may live.
          NEXT event to happen.

Verse 7: After that the Lord God will put all the curses on Israel’s enemies, those who hate and persecuted Israel.

            NEXT, Still future

Verse 8: And Israel will again obey the voice of the Lord and do His commandments

            NEXT, Still future

Verse 9: Then the Lord God will make Israel abound in their work, their descendants, their livestock and produce, for good. The Lord will again rejoice over Israel for good as He rejoiced over their fathers.

           NEXT, Still future

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